Pedagogical Toolbox

One main result of project IMPROPAL is the tangible output – a toolbox consisting of six pedagogical approaches. Ment for teachers, school leaders and different stakeholders in the field of education, the toolbox gathers all implementation and good practice examples tried out during the project. It also contains guidelines, the do’s and the dont’s, descriptions, theoretical considerations and evaluation tools – in cases where this was applicable, as well as analyses and recommendations on the experience of implementing the pedagogical approaches.

The toolbox is useful and applicable to different educational levels and sectors, not only in using the pedagogical approaches separately but also in combination with each other, having one common goal – educating for responsibility in learning.

Another main result is the intangible outcome of increased awareness for the project participants and others coming in contact with the project, about how working with the mentioned pedagogical approaches can lead to empowering of learners and thus having effects on their lives in general – education, work, citizenship. This is one of the long-term benefits of project IMPROPAL, something we hope to investigate and develop further.

Knowledge and practical examples about how responsibility in learning can be stimulated in all educational settings is also important for promoting equity and inclusion by facilitating access to education and success in performance for special groups facing challenges. Some of the pedagogical approaches contained in the IMPROPAL toolbox can serve to improve education systems for these groups.

In the Toolbox we tried to gather the material and experiences, where it was applicable, under following headlines, but also in other ways, as other forms of presenting the results were more suitable for particular pedagogical approaches:

1 What it is

2 What it contains of

3 Completed tests and preliminary results

4 How to use

5 How to create conditions

6 How to train this ability


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