Entrepreneurial learning (IO2)

A model for how we think about entrepreneurial learning at Xenter is represented by Xenter’s Live-TV educational programme. The first thing students in this programme are told by their teachers the very first day of their education is that they will not be employed. It does not mean that they will not have a job. But the jobs they can get in the film industry will not be permanent because project teams use to be established for the limited amount of time, as long as a specific TV-production lasts. Therefore members of the project teams use to be employed as freelancers. 80-90% of Xenter’s Live-TV students get jobs as freelancers directly after leaving Xenter.

To be able to work under these conditions in the long term implies that it is extremely important for students to develop an entrepreneurial approach to learning. Teachers at Xenter have developed a model for supporting students to behave like entrepreneurs from the very first day of their education. The model supports students in development of skills in three areas :

  1. personal leadership
  2. creative work and
  3. professional orientation.

As a consequence of globalisation and modern industrial dynamics, working conditions in other sectors of modern economies are more and more resembling conditions described above. This makes Xenter’s model of entrepreneurial approach to learning interesting for other sectors and for other educational institution at different levels.

The task of this part of the IMPROPAL project will be to find out what parts of this model of the entrepreneurial approach to learning can be transferred to our project partners and to the other educational programmes at Xenter and how it can be done.

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