Counseling and Coaching (IO5)

When searching for “coaching offer” on Internet search engines you’ll get more than 23 million results showing how popular coaching has become. This development can be seen in a lot of different fields – also in the educational context we can find various places, points, centers where students can get – lets call it for now “support”.

Support includes giving information, counselling, consultation, coaching, etc. Here we can already see differences or problems in the definition of those keywords and often find a confusing or unclear variety of offers.
Jade U.A.S. and Worms U.A.S. are focusing on coaching, for both present and future students, while understanding and using coaching as:

  • asking the right questions to encourage students to reflect
  • empowering people to find and implement their own solution
  • not telling somebody ”if I were you”
  • long term oriented, process oriented, solution oriented, person oriented
  • letting people become aware of blind spots and things they don’t admit to themselves

In universities traditional coaching offers are more likely to be given to staff as professors, Phd candidates, etc. as often bigger financial resources are needed and work of the named groups is considered more difficult and therefor deserve better a professional support.
But in IMPROPAL we work on developing & improving, implementing and evaluating adequate offers in the field of coaching for students. Not all students have the same expectations, questions and problems. Therefor we differentiate between different target groups such as:

  • refugees
  • pupils from secondary schools
  • international students
  • german students

We aim to provide a diverse and multiple usable toolbox that gives practical support for different professionals working in national and international educational context.

Leaders for development of the Counseling and Coaching approach are Jade U.A.S. and Worms U.A.S with Xenter Botkyrka as one of the lead followers.

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