Berufsbildende Schulen (BBS), Wilhelmshaven, Germany

BBS Wilhelmshaven is a public vocational education centre located at the Jade Bay in north western Germany. Since 2016/2017 the former “BBS1 Wilhelmshaven” and “BBS Friedenstraße” officially do not exist anymore and have merged into “BBS Wilhelmshaven”. The merger of both schools has been and still is triggering far-reaching changes in the organization of the school and a common campus will be built at the site of former BBS Friedenstraße within the next years. Until then, the school continues to have two locations at campus Heppens and at campus Friedenstraße.


BBS Wilhelmshaven provides vocational education and training in the areas of technology, business and administration, catering, social and elderly care. The school works in close cooperation with the regional industry and employs about 190 teachers with extensive professional experience and well-established contacts with regional companies. Those companies provide apprenticeships within the German ‘Dual System’ of initial vocational training and practical placements for students within full-time school-based programmes of initial vocational training. Additionally, the school offers full-time higher academic programmes with vocational focus in several areas that provide the necessary general entrance qualifications for university and university of applied science.

The 2800 students are mainly aged 16-20 years and take part in full-time school-based vocational education and training or in part-time school-based and company-based vocational training within the “Dual System”. The full-time school-based education can be one or two years at the college, partly with compulsory internships at companies, providing a state-recognized vocational qualification or being accepted as the first year of a vocational training within the Dual System. The studies aim primarily at obtaining the vocational skills needed in working life. Initial vocational training within the “Dual System” means that students go to vocational schools one or two days per week for primarily acquiring theoretical knowledge and reflecting practical skills which are mainly trained at their training company. VET qualifications offered at BBS Wilhelmshaven range from EQF level 1 to 6.

Since 2007 the former BBS1 and now the new BBS Wilhelmshaven have been the head office of the consortium “Internationale Berufsbildung Jade (IBJ)” . This consortium is a cooperation of four vocational education centres – BBS Jever, BBS Varel, BBS Wilhelmshaven and BBS Wittmund – and works together especially in student and staff mobilities within ERASMUS+.


Berufsbildende Schulen (BBS), Wilhelmshaven, Germany